My Art Submission for

Change The Bill

Canada has been printing money for over 150 years. In that time, an Indigenous woman has never been featured on a Canadian bank note.

The Native Women's Association of Canada presents Change The Bill, a call to action that aims to promote reconciliation through art by commissioning Indigenous artists to reimagine the $20 bill with the Indigenous women who are their heroes. Placing an Indigenous woman on the bill would go far in recognizing the important but often overlooked contributions they have made to this country. Change is long overdue. To support the movement, sign our petition calling for Indigenous representation on the next Canadian bank note. To purchase this $20 Bank Note Art please visit the link below.

Tracey Metallic

Tracey’s career in painting was launched as a therapeutic outlet, painting cartoon characters for her grandchildren. Upon sharing her work on social media Tracey began receiving requests for abstract paintings. These initial pieces evolved with confidence into her own designs.